Silver Jewellery Information

Silver has been in use since ancient times. The word ‘silver’ comes from the old Anglo Saxon word ‘seolfer’. Silver is a soft metal so is usually alloyed with copper to give it additional strength. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver metal and 7.5% copper alloy. Sterling silver was originally created in Germany-Easterling-hence the name ‘sterling’. Today’s silver is used in a number of different industries such as photography, medical and jewellery.

Continually worn silver will develop a lovely ‘patina’ (sheen/gleam). If you prefer this look just leave your jewellery as it is. However, if you like to wear your jewellery with a bright shine, just use a polishing cloth to restore your jewellery to its original shine.

Silver cleaning cloths are impregnated with cleaning and anti-tarnish chemicals and this is the recommend way to restore your silver to is former glory.

How to care for Silver Jewellery

Over time oxidation will occur causing silver to tarnish; this is due to the reaction of sulphur in the atmosphere. With a little care you will be able to reduce the tarnishing effect.

Firstly I would recommend you keep your jewellery in the original box, or store in a jewellery box, pouch, or zip bag, avoid storing your jewellery with other items such as coins, hair clips as they will cause scratching.

Remove your Jewellery when using hair spray or hair colouring products, swimming, body lotions, sun lotions, oils.

Some recommend using Toothpaste, Baking soda these are too abrasive and are to be avoided. Silver dips are excellent for plain silver items such as chains, the liquid silver dips are to be avoided for jewellery set with stones such as Amber, Malachite, Opal, Pearls, Turquoise.

The recommended method to clean your Jewellery and restore its polished condition is to use a jewellery cleaning cloth these are impregnated with solutions to clean your Silver giving good results, polish with a soft cloth not tissue or paper towel, avoid polishing in circular motions, polish up and down this will lessen scratching.